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I had the unique pleasure of connecting with none other than Nicole Young (Nicolesy) from TWIP fame recently. We chatted things up quite a bit on Skype, and as luck would have it, the recording was running! 🙂 So, for LDP episode #41, please welcome Nicole to the show by stopping over and giving her a big thanks. The show notes follow below.

Learning Digital Photography:  Episode #41

Stock Photography – Taking the Plunge!

News – Trevor Current
Thanks to Trevor for helping out with the news – check out his site at and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter at Here’s the news links that Trevor talked about during his news segment too:

Stock Photography with Nicole Young (Nicolesy)

  1. Options
    • iStock
    • Getty
    • Shutterstock
    • Alamy
    • Crestock
  2. Pros and Cons to consider when getting into stock photography
  • Mass producing images
  • Approval process

3.  Difference between exclusive and non-exclusive arrangements

500 downloads and 50% approval

4.  Stock versus Fine Art – Can fine art sell?

Listener Questions and Answers

What is the best way to make sure my photos are “color accurate”?  (Nick in Charlotte)

What kinds of lights are best used for product photography versus studio?  ((Candace in St. Louis)

What kind of videos are stock companies looking for from content producers? (from email, anonymous)


The show should be available for listening via download by the time you read this both in iTunes and over at PLM.  Thanks also go out to the folks at Audible for sponsoring the show.  Find out how you can get a free book of your choice by visiting Last but not least, I’d also like to welcome Trevor Current to the show who will be providing more of the news moving forward so I can spend more time with the guests!  Check out all the news notes on his site at

Happy shooting all and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow…the long-awaited Drobo review should be up by then!


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  1. This Guy
    March 4, 2010 at 3:04 am

    Good God, Jason, please go back to reading the news yourself. For all I know, that Trevor guy was reading the ingredients of a box of Saltines because I tuned him out within seconds.

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