Still off the air (sort of)

Well, with the geographic relocation finished, we are now waiting on the arrival of our furniture (next week Tuesday) and the installation of the internet (Saturday) to return things to normal.  As to the missing post from yesterday, I am not sure why the queued ones did not publish past Monday.  I remember writing them, but did not see them in the WordPress interface once I logged in.  In any case, my apologies for the extended absence.

During the interim, I am able to get intermittent access through an open wireless connection emanating from a city access point apparently positioned some distance from our condo unit.  Since it’s so intermittent, I will likely hold off on posting for the remainder of the week and resume things as regularly as possible come next week Monday.  I do get email though through my cell phone and the sporadic logins from the AP, so feel freee to keep sending the awesome messages (thanks to Jen, Chris, Andy, Jason, Mike, Stephen, Scott, Tracy, and all the rest that have been keeping in touch during this transition.

In the meantime, I will share a little tidbit that others may or may not know about:  This Week in Technology with Leo Laporte is an excellent broadcast talk show, put out on various radio stations, on XM Radio, and available through podcast on a week delay basis.  I downloaded about 10 shows and listened to them back to back during my drive across the country.  I enjoyed them so much that the time literally flew by.  I even called in on Sunday and made it on the air!  I am the Jason that called in to ask a question about SEO on WordPress.  Give it a listen if you have an interest and some spare time (it’s a two hour long podcast).  I’ll get a link up to that probably next week, but if memory serves, it’s something like for their main page.

Until next week then, happy shooting and watch those apertures!

(I’ll have a few neat pano shots to share once I get a steady connection again where I can upload high res images, so stay tuned for that…)

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