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With time becoming and ever-increasing commodity, the ability to utilize speech recognition software has both benefits and disadvantages.  And in the interests of sharing my initial experiences with speech recognition software here on the blog, today’s post comes to you courtesy of and open-sourced software application called “E-speaking”.  On the initial install, I decided to take roughly ten minutes to let the program get used to my voice before it was accurate enough to consider using for writing a blog post.

It’s still clearly is not accurate enough to rely on 100 percent of the time as a stakes clearly will be made that require human correction.  however it can aid in getting most of the content puts together for the purposes of blog posts, article writing, and book writing.

one of the biggest problems was in getting the software to recognize the term “blog”, “web log”, and the letter E.  a dish rally it also had problems with punctuation from time to to time.  The software also is better able to capitalize sentences when you remembered to state that you need a “.It  ” at the end of a sentence.  The other problem is that the software had specifically related to word press is the phrase, “new paragraph” which will automatically add an additional blank line between paragraphs.  This was rather it easily overcome though, by having my hands near the keyboard.

two of the programs that I am looking to review stand here on the blog include “dragon naturally speaking”, and “Mac speech dictate”.  Requests are currently In with both companies to see if they have demo versions of their software for review purposes .  When I hear back from them I will let you know what their responses are.

if you have any recommendations, suggestions, or ideas for how to improve blog posting efficiency through programs like these please feel free to e-mail me here on the log, or in via the comments below.  My apologies in advance for the grammatical punctuation, and other errors that are evident in this blog post, but I did not want to over-edit the content so you could see this state of speech recognition software.

as we move into the new year I am looking forward to reviewing an ever-expansive set of applications, accessories, and hardware here on the blog.  If you have ideas for specific types of applications, accessories, and hardware please feel free to e-mail me as always at my e-mail address: Jason @ canonblogger .com .  Thanks for tuning in and we will see you back here again tomorrow.

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  1. December 25, 2009 at 6:26 am

    Where do I get E-speaking?
    .-= Simon´s last blog ..Testbericht MacSpeech Dictate International Deutsch =-.

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