Seven Super Summer Tips

Since the podcast went live yesterday, the compositional theme was kind of put on the back burner, so I’d like to bring that back to the forefront today with something everybody likes…a list!

For some reason lists of bullet points seem to generate a lot of feedback, and garner the most interest, so here we go with a set of what I am calling “Seven Summer Super Photo Tips”

  1. Shoot early, shoot late – it’s the “Golden Rule” – and I think we all know about it, so this is just a reminder.
  2. Shoot often – seriously, the eye does not improve creatively without practice, so get out as often as you can
  3. Shoot outside your comfort zone – Like landscapes eh?  Shoot some portraiture, macros, or event work.  Nothing gets creative juices flowing better than a challenge.
  4. Shoot lower than you stand – or higher, whatever – take a different vantage point as that can make all the difference.
  5. Shoot with one lens – Preferably with a prime as this will force you to zoom in or out with your feet, changing your perspective and getting your skills down really rote on the focal length you chose.
  6. Shoot with a friend – nothing makes the post shoot high more gratifying than chimping your shots with a photo buddy.
  7. Shoot for yourself – often photographers are thinking of what clients want, what an editor would like to see, or what may sell well on a stock site.  While it’s true that money puts bread on the table, it’s often liberating to shoot without the pressure of a paycheck.  Your results may surprise you!

So, there they are – seven super summer shooting photo tips!  There’s got to be more thoughts out there though on how to get the most of your imaging eforts, so let’s here from everyone – what are your best tips and tricks for capturing the world around you?  Sound off in the comments.  As always, happy shooting and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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2 comments for “Seven Super Summer Tips

  1. June 18, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    Neat little list Jason. Shoot with a friend is my favourite – always have a lot of fun when shooting with others. If there are any blog readers from Wiltshire/Gloucestershire England who fancy meeting up for a shoot sometime please drop me a line…

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