Saturday scenes

While I finish out the next tutorial on sharpening in LAB mode, here’s a few tidbits from around the web from this morning.  Popular Photography has a good basic set of guidelines for people on composition and making your photos pop!  Check it out on their website here.  The Online Photographer also has some good links up for those interested in photography news and such from Friday, so surf over there when you have a half hour to spare (dense reading at times, so not for a quick scan).

The Digital Photography show featured Chris Orwig from Wacom on their last podcast, who came on to talk about their latest innovative tablets with a bamboo theme.  These apparently also caught the eye of PC Magazine who wrote rave reviews about them too.  Check out DPS and the PC Mag reviews for more details here and here respectively.  (The podcast is a weekly routine for me…so shout outs to Scott and Michael…)

The sharpening video podcast should be up in a few more hours.  In the meantime, happy shooting!!!

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