Quiet News Day

As photogs both amateur and pro await the start of the Photoshop Conference out in Las Vegas, (the “pre-conference” starts tomorrow, the rest of the photo world plugs along. Not much really “news-worthy” or personally revealing today, so here’s just a recap of some of the top stories I happened to catch in my blog feeder.

Olympus announced it’s latest Pro series camera, the successor to the E-1, to be unveiled Oct. 17th. While the announcement may seem kind of a yawner (reviewed at dpreview here: Olympus Review), the fact that it only took them 4 years, 4 months to announce a new body was of comical note to Michael over at TOP.

Scott Kelby does his daily post on the Photoshop World conference, and gives a few props to other photogs and their sites around the net. Always worth at least a glance. You know it’s quiet though when Scott doesn’t have much to post other than a few helpful link referrals pimping sites of his friends (just kidding Scott)….

The Strobist is always a great place to stop in for a detailed read if you’re in the need of knowledge (remember, I like alliteration).

Adobe finished the rollout of its own software in house.

Not much else other than the usual spate of forum posts that struck a chord for me. I’d share them here, but in most cases you need to register to view, so not worth the time since most won’t click thru.

I did notice a significant drop-off in readership, and still not many participating in polls. I’d really like to get at least 20 people to participate, so if you’ve read the blog at all and not voted on the content you like, please do so at your leisure (over here on the right—–>) .

In the meantime, with photos being the dominant choice, I will leave today with a random shot from my own library, a recent effort at a stock shot (sorry if the IQ is a little low-res, but always gotta be taking efforts to reduce piracy)…


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