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That’s right, you read that right – I got a chance to get with none other than the Photoshop Guys and ask a few questions about Photoshop, their own projects, and tackle everything from product preferences to personal projects and activities, and even a few personal perspectives thrown in for fun!  Here’s a chance to catch up on the latest with them including their podcasts and shows.  So, let’s just get right down to the brass tacks here…with so much content, it’s broken into three separate posts for today through Wednesday.  Getting things started is Mr. Dave Cross!!!

Dave Cross

1.  I’ve not seen much of you on D-Town, but you’ve got your own new podcast, “Ask Dave” up and running.  Can you tell the readers a little more about it?

It’s a pretty simple concept: I encourage people to send in Photoshop questions via Twitter or the Kelby TV web site and I try to answer as many as I can, one a week. Typically the questions are in the form of “how do I…” and “what’s the quickest way to…”

2.  As the “token” Bridge fan of the PS Guys, what is your favorite new feature of Bridge and why?

I like the fact that I can quickly and easily choose images and apply batch actions, create a web site (with the Bridge Output option) and apply Camera Raw settings to multiple images. And in Photoshop CS5 I LOVE the fact that Bridge can be accessed directly inside Photoshop using Mini Bridge.

3.  With the Canadian background, I’ve always wanted to know:  What are your thoughts on Colorado stealing the Quebec Nordiques?  *Editor Note* This move happened quite a while ago, so it’s not “new” news, but given the opportunity to ask, I had to throw it in there…

At the time I was a Montreal Canadiens fan, so the move to Colorado took away one of the hottest rivalries in all of sport. The passion in those Nordiques vs Habs games was unbelievable. Having said that, Montreal fans got a good laugh when the Avalanche went on to win the Stanley Cup, much to the dismay of Quebec fans.

4.  Other than Photoshop, what program in the Creative Suite is the most useful for your own creative endeavors?

I use Illustrator quite a bit for logo creation and things like that and I really like the integration between Illustrator and Photoshop. I also spend a lot of time in InDesign, laying out workbooks and personal projects and really like the way I can import native layered Photoshop documents (with Layer Comps) into InDesign.

Thanks so much to Dave for taking the time out to tackle a few of the burning questions we’ve had! It wasn’t all Photoshop or photography, but it sure was fun!  You can find Dave on the web at:

  • Photoshop User TV
  • Dave Cross Online
  • D-town TV

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the next in the Photoshop Guys Series – Matt Kloskowski!

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