Post # 499: Audioboo Addition!

As promised, as we gear up for magical #500 tomorrow – more content has been added to the blog.  This is not something that can be gotten from the feed though, so for you feed readers out there, stop over the the blog and check out the new widget in the side panel that has links to… AudioBoo!


So, what is Audioboo?  AudioBoo is a unique way for people with iPhones and iPod Touches to share their short audio recordings – courtesy of the folks at  It’s kind of a cool concept, because the recordings (called “boos”) are typically short – 2-5 minutes in length, and if you visit the site, you can see there is quite a bit of content there.  If you’d like to pick up my audio feed from that directly, you can grab the RSS for that by following this link:

The whole premise behind this is that I can deliver audio tips and tricks, thoughts and ideas relating to photography to you whenever a good idea strikes!  It should be a fun experiment and I can promise that there will be some personal stuff to give a little more variety too (like my favorite brew at a local microbrewery!)  Fair warning – as football season rapidly approaches, you may here more Broncos talk too!  I’ll try to stay on point with photography ideas though, so either pick up the feed there, or (preferrably) visit the blog regularly for content updates.  This is definitely in a beta stage and may grow or fade away depending on interest, time, and other factors.

In other news, I’ve had a number of people as about photos taken from the star tracking station I built and recorded onto YouTube.  Unfortunately, the astrophotography gods have not been kind thus far as the night sky has had a lot of cloudiness.  Hopefully this weekend will be more favorable – but I am planning on packing it into the bottom of my checked back on my upcoming trip.

Speaking of which, thanks to everyone who gave their thoughts on what the last book should be for the trip.  I’ll likely be making my book purchases through Amazon this weekend (unless the library comes through for me again! 🙂 ), and I’ll have an announcement on Monday of who wins the B&H gift card, so be sure to stay tuned for that!

Given the title of this post – you should at least have an idea of what’s coming tomorrow – but it’s a two-fold announcement, and because it’s just so cool, I am going to be announcing something big for the September Giveaway too!  And how’s that for a great segue to let you know that there is little time left in the August Giveaway – where you can Win a Wacom!  (Click the link for the Flickr thread and details.)

Well, that’s enough for today – happy shooting and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for the big one!

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