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As we start drawing into the fall, time becomes an increasingly precious commodity, I am hoping to sustain the full length feature podcasts, but in case timing doesn’t permit that, some podcast shorts will become available.  These will be short audio commentaries on a number of topics, all seeking to encourage debate and discussion.  Sometimes they will touch on volatile topics, other times, not as volatile, but hopefully equally interesting.  Today, the first of likely many audio shorts expands on the lighting post from last week.

For those of you that are picking these up via the iTunes feed, not sure if the recent changes in feed format will report this short an audio piece, but it should be there eventually.  If not, it’s less than five minutes time, and is easily listened to while in your browser.  Also, you can pick it up from the non-iTunes feed here as well, so give it a listen…for those wishing to comment/respond to the inquiry, here’s the post that I am talking about:

Natural, Ambient, & Available Light


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