Playing catch-up

Wow, quite a bit happened in the last week while I’ve been out of the proverbial internet loop.  Adobe released Lightroom 2.0, a worldwide Walkabout was announced by Scott Kelby over at NAPP (with prizes too!), and CanonBlogger had several entries appear in my first ever photo contest, titled “Photo Freedom”.

Okay, so that last one was a shameless self-plug, but it is a free contest to participate in.  I should also state here for the record on the contest, that the photographer retains all copyrights to their images.  This is just for fun, and to hopefully generate some more interest in the blog, so just to let everyone know, no alterior motives here at all. It’s almost over too, so don’t wait until it’s too late, submit your photos to the CB Flickr pool today to be eligible to win!

In other photo news, I’ve got pictures!  I tried my hand at a few panos (using a vertical position with my camera) while trekking across the country.  I tried the Photomerge in CS2 (on the laptop) but it did not come out very well at all.  So, I need to wait for the main desktop to get unpacked and running to push my shots through CS3.  Hopefully, we will be able to find a desk (and other assorted furniture) locally so I can get a semi-permanent setup back in place to get some quality blogging out to the readership.

Since I don’t have any shots to share today (still mobile on the laptop sitting in a coffee shop applying for jobs), here’s a few quick picks from the grab bag of my completed magazine binder:

  • When shooting on a beach, cut an X into three tennis balls and stick them on the end of your tripod – it adds stability and prevents the legs from sinking into the wet sand.
  • Stay organized by using gaffers tape to attach rear lens caps together.  As you loosen one, the other tightens, making for quicker and easier lens swaps when speed is of the essence (and makes for better organization of your lens cap collection).
  • Keep an extra bit of gaffer tape handy by just rolling a foot or two around one of the legs on your tripod – that way if you forget the tape, there’s some available right there!

That’s it for Friday – hopefully I will return in full force on Monday, so enjoy the weekend.  Stay cool, happy shooting and watch those apertures!

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