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We all get stuck in creative ruts, and are in search of ways to inspire ourselves.  Kerry Garrison (form Camera Dojo) and I talked about this last night while we explored the place that smart phones and their cameras have in the photography marketplace.  As the conversation went on (and on and on – we tend to digress a lot when we get to talking), we found ourselves talking about 365 projects, or photo-a-day projects, and ways to challenge yourself and come up with new topics to shoot.

The idea of themes presented itself, and while this is nothing new here on CB (see my tail-lights theme here), we came up with some great ideas for a photo project that we thought we’d share with the listening audiences.  It actually was kind of fun because the end result was a challenge we threw down at each other for taking more regular pictures on our own smart phone camera sites (I am at www.mydroidpics.com and Kerry just got set up at www.kerrysdroidpics.com).

Some of the themes we came up with for photo projects included the following (plus one I thought of afterward):


Faces Theme


(the letter L)

The Letter L






And this is just the tip of the iceberg!  As you can see, nothing that will make the Smithsonian, but a couple have potential for creative juices to start oozing! 🙂  We’ve challenged each other to be more creative, and will start doing so on our respective camera phone sites.  We’re also asking listeners and readers to challenge themselves and to share with us your own thoughts, ideas, and creative endeavors both here and over in the comments for the podcast, so chime on in – the more the merrier!

Have you started a photo project?  Got a theme?  Need a theme?  Post away with your own ideas both here and over at Camera Dojo!  Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

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