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Last couple days have been rather busy, so I’ve not had the time to get ahead in the blog postings.  Clearly, Wednesday was a missed day,and here today just a few short notes to share as kind of a PSA (Personal Service Announcement) 🙂 :

1.  The CanonBlogger Facebook page is active (and available on the sidebar).  Some have asked if there’s a way to make the posts there at least partially public to view links.  As far as I can tell, there is not, so I will try to tweet those and post links in blog notes as well.  Regardless, I am trying to add content in multiple places so if you can’t catch it in one place, there’s other outlets available too.  No guarantees thought that I will always hit all the outlets, but the ones I try to keep up with regularly are Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, the podcast and here.  Sometimes the content will be different, sometimes repeats, but it should all (at least theoretically anyway) be fun and or interesting! 🙂

2. Speaking of the next podcast, it is almost ready for publication – I still am getting the show notes completed, and it draws on the theme of Monday’s post about Photographer’s rights.  Think of this podcast as an expanded edition of the post with more in-depth thoughts and analysis, as well as some other news, notes, and the listener questions and answers.  It should be out tomorrow.

3.  The first official eBook from yours truly should also be available soon – it’s going through a review process right now, and I need a little more feedback from two of the reviewers before the final changes are made and it is posted to the store.  Right now a simple one is posted in there on Shutters and Apertures.  Not a lot to chew on, but if you need a refresher on the technical basics, it’s a good foundational resource and is only a buck ($1).  Give it a spin, and let me know your thoughts – feedback on that can help increase the quality of future eBooks as well!

4.  On a very non-photography related note, I wanted to share two other podcasts that I enjoy here.  The first is titled “This American Life” and it truly is one of the most engaging podcasts I listen to.  These guys are what I aspire to produce in terms of quality podcasts some day.  Great stories, truly engaging, and totally enjoyable!  The second is called “Radio Lab“.  I’ve been a fan of this for about a year or so now, but the reason why I am bringing it up here is because their most recent episode, titled “In C” they talked about a musical piece that was remixed by a group at Grand Valley State College where my brother-in-law is the conductor.  Not only did Grand Valley State get a mention in the introduction, but Bill personally got a mention at the end of the podcast.  It was a doubly-cool show for me, not only because of the music, but because someone I know is now connected to that show.  How cool is that?  Anyway, check these two podcasts out when you have a chance, because even without the familial connection, they are definitely two of the better ones out there!

5.  The 5 D Mark II also seems to have a firmware update available.  Owners may want to go get this one from the firmware update site:

6.  I am honored to have had the Star Tracker article, photography, and videos that I have shared collectively posted as an ensemble over at DIY Photography.  If you get a moment, stop over there and help me thank them for being given the opportunity to present there – really is flattering to have your work accepted outside your own blog (I always like my own work! 🙂 ).

7.  Finally, don’t forget the Dcember giveaway goingon over in the Flickr thread right now – the winner goes home with note one but two books from David DuChemin, a free 16×20 gallery wrap print of their choice from Mpix, a copy of Photomatix Pro from the folks at HDRSoft, and an awesome set of papers from Red River Paper. All you have to do is submit a photo with the theme of “Giving” in the thread before the end of the month.  About 2.5 weeks left, so time’s a wastin!  Here’s the link to the contest thread…as well as a link to the Contest Page that goes over guidelines and tips to ensure your submission is considered! 🙂

I am sure there’s other news out there, but I am fading fast and the Christmas tree lights just shut off, which means I am not far behind, so just keep on shooting, and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow to wrap things up for the week! 🙂

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  1. December 17, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    I love This American Life and Radio Lab! Amazing shows. And yes, they are perfect as podcasts as well.
    .-= Jessica S.´s last blog ..Wish List =-.

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