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First off, I’d like to extend a big time “Thanks” to Andie Smith for bravely stepping up to the plate and delivering a home run of a first Guest Blogger post.  With 17 responses to her post, it is already ranked among the top five posts ever!  Make sure you stop over and check out her blog and portfolio.

For this Friday, I’ve got a fun little photo tip for you and that is to peruse your archives occasionally.  You may find something of interest where previously you didn’t.  Since inspiration and creativity can strike at any time and anywhere for a different number of reasons, if you don’t like an image immediately, consider just archiving it for a while.  I do…and every month or so I peruse my own archives to see if some gem escaped my first glance.  Here’s a few that initially didn’t strike my fancy where now I am thinking “Hey, there might be some potential there!”  What do you think?

SC Beaches

SC Beaches

SC Beaches

SC Beaches

Last but not least, don’t forget, the $500 Giveaway for a Topaz Photoshop Plugin Bundle and and Thinktank Multimedia Photo bag system will close for entries tomorrow at midnight!  (I had thought it was tonight earlier, but in referencing the Flickr thread, realized it’s tomorrow, so you got a 24 hour window to get your own photo creations in.  One person did ask if “Topaz” had to be in the picture and the clarification was made that ANY color is fair game (or even the lack of color if that’s how you interpret it…)  The Flickr thread to enter your photos is here:  $500 Giveaway

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend, happy shooting and we’ll see you Monday!

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4 comments for “Peruse your archives

  1. Sandybee
    September 27, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    I love the patterns in the sky in the top one and patterns in the sand in the bottom one. More monochromatic sort of photos, which I love. Very cool.

  2. September 28, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    Love the images here Jason! And I’m on board 100%. Going back through and taking a second look at those that didn’t make the cut, but didn’t get deleted either can yield interesting results.

    I’m back from Coyote Buttes! I’m ready to fall over, and I’m 50% of the way through getting the images from this weekend off of 4 8GB cards! Oh, and I did shoot a fair bit of video too……
    .-= Rich C´s last blog ..Returned home safe and sound: A short report on the Coyote Buttes Trip =-.

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