Pardon the interruption…

but another drop dead date was today as tomorrow we have our first showing after listing the house on the market.  My task of the day (it seems I am getting more and more of these)…clean the garage.  So, to make it really worth my while, I told Tracy that if that’s the case I needed a Shop-Vac (and a good one) to get all the standing water out that had dripped off the tires onto the garage floor – it just wouldn’t get clean without that.

It worked!  Not only did I get a clean (relatively) garage floor – I also got a brand new 14 gallon ShopVac from Lowes.  A few extra attachments and a spare filter only set me back about $120, so all in all, it was a good deal!  (Although I realized how much junk I’d managed to accrue over the last 16 months…)  Just goes to show you that with all the gadgetry in the world, there is always something out there you still want and/or need!  Ladies and Gentlemen…I give to you – my new ShopVac (and now clean garage!):

Ain’t she pretty?  And the job she did on the garage was pretty amazing too!

We Have Floor Space

Okay, sorry for the photo interruption, but I just had to share now that I have a clean garage space – first time in over a year…back to photography:

Stay tuned tomorrow for my full write-up on the new Canon Rebel (the 2T I think), and some great creative challenges for you heading into the weekend.  In the meantime – anyone else have any non-photo gadgets that they got and suddenly realized they should never have been without?  Mine is definitely the Shop-Vac!

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