Panoramas and a Tutorial

Here’s another panorama shot I put together, as promised, and wit more of a crop toward the traditional framing where the width widely exceeds the height.

Windmill Panorama (Large)

Windmill Panorama (Xtra Large)

The windmills were a nice effect though I thought in the composition.  I did run out of time for the b/w version, but should have that up tomorrow (just too beat to keep going – I don’t know the Scott Kelby’s of the world do all they do..) For those interested in an audio podcast of how I put this together, feel free to download this weeks’ episode, now at #50!

Comments, feedback, and thoughts on the new format are very much appreciated!  Thanks for tuning in, happy shooting and we’l see you back here again tomorrow.

CB Episode #50

Sorry it’s not attached to the feed, but my Podpress seems to be broken in WordPress.  Will hopefully have it fixed next week….

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1 comment for “Panoramas and a Tutorial

  1. September 18, 2008 at 4:27 am

    I finally caught up with all of my blogs and I noticed this one, without a link – how do I connect to the tutorial?

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