Orphaned Works Act

I am supplanting the weekly tutorial to help get the word out about this impending legislation. It basically allows for the taking of any work “where the creator cannot be found” but has no definition of what due diligence is needed, making it legal for anyone to basically abscond with anything.

There is a renewed fervor to let our politicians know we do NOT want this passed as-is. An excellent link is available here to submit an email to your elected officials and let your voice be heard. All you need is your zip code. As this is an election year – we actually may be listened to for a change! Stop over today and let them know your thoughts:

Link to Congressional Email Petition

To not detract from the importance of this legislation, nothing else for today. Keep on shooting those cameras and take some time to act in your own best interests…and thank the Graphic Artist Guild for compiling the web page for ease of use!

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