Non-photo post again today

Hate to do this two days in a row, but I am just swamped at work, and got home quite late.  Suffice to say, I am still very low on the learning curve for the MBP and may have to resort to a Windows box for the next post with any meaningful content.  Although I will say I am a little confused about the available tracks for Garage Band.  I would think that these tracks would be included when shipped if it’s as easy as a download away.  WHy force us through a 2 gig downoad?  Plus, if Garage Band tracks are independent of the Software Update service, then why make us go through SUS first before downloading the latest patch files and tracks for the software that was supposed to be “full featured” on arrival…the first nit on the MBP – Garage Band goes through SUS – why?  Seriously…Cupertino, are you listening?  I could have made another podcast on Windows by now and GB still hasn’t downloaded/installed the tracks needed to mix something together.

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