No video or photo post today…

With the holidays now on our heels, my better half wants some time spent compiling images into holiday calendars, portraits, and other suc gifts. While flattering (and cost effective), it has taken a day away from my current photography-related pursuits. Aside from that, Baltimore is ahead of New England in the 4th quarter of MNF with less than 9 minutes to go and is about to get the ball back…they were 20 point underdogs! ANd I am hoping against hope that NE will get handed the loss here. Go ahead and win the Super Bowl if you want NE, just stop the swaggering – it’s not becoming of professional athletes. While I am at it, the ’72 Dolphins need to get over it….they got lucky as they had the cheesiest schedule that year, and it was before free agency, media hype, and all the rest of the intensity associated with the game now. The ’72 Dolphins would never have gone undefeated in the last 15 years.

Back to photography subjects though, I am looking at both Cafe Press and Mpix for the calendars. Both seem adequate, but the latter seems to have a little more polish to it. I will be doing two different layouts, one of family and the other of various landscapes, with the portraits going to Mpix and the landscapes going to Cafe Press. We’ll see how the results are…

A tutorial should be forthcoming tomorrow…I’ll attempt a little suspense by not revealing the subject prematurely (primarily because it’s not recorded yet, so I don’t know the subject! I have a pretty good idea, and it should be an enjoyable one. Until tomorrow then…happy shooting!

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