News, Artists, and Inspiration

Welcome to the show notes for week #17 of Learning Digital Photography.  Here’s the show notes for this week’s podcast…

First off, I’ve done some further tweaking to give a little more consistency and structure to the show for your listening pleasure.  The three segments that I am going to try to regularly stick to will be:

  1. News, Events, and Information from around the community and industry – here I’ll share nuggets, information, and other useful snippets from the most recent days and weeks of activity within the photography community.  Sometimes I’ll share information that’s available elsewhere, and other times I’ll offer my own perspectives on the news and events that shape the industry.
  2. Authors and Artists from within and related to the industry of photography are also an area I would like to devote some time to since the Thursday Thoughts series has not seen much attention lately (not that I am planning to either – I think it’s just on sabbatical!), and I had the good fortune of actually sitting down with an area professional recently which provided a source of inspiration for this weeks show.
  3. Sources of Inspiration – As artists I think we are always searching for and discovering new sources of inspiration.  Often these can come from well known venues such as photography magazines, galleries, and the like, but I am not adverse to featuring unusual or new sources either.  This week, I will be featuring an unusual source of inspiration, so make sure you stop in for this segment too!

To find out why these links are all up and on the blog, make sure to stop over to Personal Life Media and grab this weeks show! For the link grabbers, here you are:

That’s it for today all! Enjoy the show, and we’ll see you back here bright and early tomorrow (well, maybe not so early, as I still have an on-going problem with the sandman! LOL) Happy shooting!

P.S. I am still including a copy of the show locally, so you can grab it from here if you like too. Don’t forget, we still have a poll going on re: Twitter and Blogging, so if you’ve not voted yet, vote here!


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2 comments for “News, Artists, and Inspiration

  1. Lakatos
    March 11, 2009 at 10:10 am

    Hi. I just came in to drop a line about your latest podcast. I’m not sure if it’s only with my internet connection, but I can barely hear your voice. In fact, it’s impossible to hear unless I turn up the volume to max on my speakers, and after a time I thought I was going to go deaf, because the intro music had the normal volume, so I think you can imagine how it felt. Probably an editing error you overlook?

    • March 27, 2009 at 10:09 am

      Hi Lakatos – I noticed that after the fact. It was re-sampled and I let the folks over at PLM know about it…not sure why it is still off, but if you’d like to hear the original (without promos though), let me know and I can email you the MP3.

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