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For anyone who has been into photography for any amount of time more than 6 months, you probably already know about Scott Sherman and Michael Stein, hosts of the popular podcast, titled “The Digital Photography Show.”  It has been a mainstay listening choice of mine for over the last year and my commutes would not be the same without it.

Well, as it turns out, it seems I may have to adjust to a commute without hearing their friendly voices for a while.  Their popular show has been temporarily taken off the air by the folks over at The Podcast Network.  The TPN staff is searching for a replacement host (or set of hosts), and in all likelihood, they will find someone to fill in for the show.  However, none will enjoy the popularity that Scott and Michael had.  Their friendly and dynamic exchanges made for a great listen every time.

Scott and Michael had interviews, contests, and a lot of other resources and outlets for their listeners and even stay in touch with them (I’ve gotten a few emails from Scott myself over the past 12-18 months…).  I certainly hope they continue to stay i touch, but for the time being they are off the air.

However, you can stay abreat of all the news and developments over on Scott’s personal blog until they re-launch with a new name/identity.  So, to do that, stop over to Scott’s Photo Blog and tag it in your readers.  Thanks to bot of them for the wonderful job the did, and know that no matter where you both land, know that there will be many of us that find you to pick up right where we left off!

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