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LIke many other serious hobbyists and enthusiasts, I had heard a great deal about Mpix and their new featured printing options for professional and serious photographers under the umbrella of Mpix Pro.  I recently had a chance to sit down and go through the application process.  it was pretty painless, and as long as you have a website for photography, and a decent stable of work, you can opt for the Mpix Pro option.

After submitting your name and website for review, you will receive an email with a link to upload 5 images for print.  These 5 images are then printed as 8×10 photos and sent back to you – free! That’s right, you get 5 8×10 photos for free.  Basically though, these are intended to be used to check your monitor and color work flow for accuracy because they do not do color correction on them.  All 5 of the photos I got back printed very well, and I am happy with my color work flow at this point.

So, now the Mpix Pro printing options are available to me which includes many additional printing options for things like calendars, tickets, sports cards, mugs, and pretty much anything else you can think of – at some pretty impressive prices too.  This work flow for printing is also excellent if you tend to batch print a lot of photos at once (say for wedding photographers, portrait photograpers, etc.)  You can order multiple quantities of any size print you want and any specialty prints all through their downloaded Rhoes printing services.

Another cool part of this is that you no longer have to go through the website – it’s all done through this software download.  Think of it kind of like the Flickr Uploader service, as it works on the same principles, but instead of uploading for publishing on a website – it’s uploading for printing.  No fuss, no muss, done in record time and you are right back in the studio or on the road, doing your work, and not waiting on websites, and sitting behind a computer when not needed.  It was pretty slick – I literally did just what their catch phrase says:  upload one night, they shipped the next day, and I received it the following day!  (It helps that I am in Colorado and their facilities are in Kansas – right next door!)

Finally, the last neat little feature about the Mpix Pro service is that they send you basically what I would call a swatch wheel of their various paper types, with photos printed on them so you can see what each looks like to get the exact results you want, how you want and when you want.  Great products, great pricing, and great service!  What else could you ask for in a printer?  Check them out today!

On a more blog-centric note, the next week or so I may not be on as much as I do have a few things coming up, but will check in and post when I can (the whole quality over quantity thing…)  In the meantime, I’ll drp a few not-so-subtle hints about helping to get the word out about both the blog and the podcast – completing a Digg review at PLM site is always appreciated, as are iTunes reviews.  Other ways to help the show including making your B&H purchases through the link on the sidebar and donating through the Paypal link further down.  The cool thing about the B&H link is that your price is the same regardless, but a few pennies come back here to help offset the cost of overhead, hosting, and all that goes into putting the CB/LDP content together.

Last but not least, the September contest is underway, and you can win BIG – a thinktank Bag system and a Topaz Labs Plugin bundle all for participating in the Flickr thread, so don’t delay, and join today!

Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll see you back here on Monday!

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