Monday Minutes

Hey gang, welcome to Monday, July 21st. Today is an exciting day for several reasons, both personally and professionally:
  1. First of all, unless traffic falls precipitously, today Canon Blogger will go over the 60,000 mark in terms of number of visitors! I am both honored and flattered to have been the source of such interest since starting the blog. Since I installed Google Analytics and got that running on October 1st, I am using that date as the unofficial start date for the blog. While the first blog post was technically made much earlier than that (August 22nd), the first month or so was really a testing month just to work out the details of layout, setup, and configuration. So, thanks to all 60,000+ viewers who have taken the time to visit the blog over the last 9 months and 20 days! Special thanks also to those who have contributed and shared their thoughts and feedback from time to time.
  2. Also today is exciting because it is technically my last full day of work here in South Carolina. I will be off on “vacation” Tuesday through Thursday (if you can call packing boxes and moving heavy furniture around a vacation), and then on my return to work Friday, I will work only for a few hours before out-processing. I have been with this company for almost 2 years, which in the IT sector is a significant amount of time, so in a way it’s kind of sad to leave. In other ways though, it is very exciting (and liberating) when we look at what is coming down the pike. So, this is it – ready or not, Colorado here we come! I am not sure how often I will be able to connect to the internet once we cut things off on Friday, but I will try to set up a few extra posts this week and have them published automatically by the blog software (or as Dave Cross calls it, “robot posts”).
  3. Next in the area of photo news, Photoshelter had its first “Shoot the Day!” event yesterday, and after I spent the requisite amount of time immersed in boxes and packing foam, I picked up my camera and began in earnest to “shoot the day.” As in most things, a theme began to slowly emerge as I made my way around town, running errands and capturing shots. Rather than spoil the fun of the theme with verbiage, I will wait until this afternoon when I can sit down and process everything for the blog to share the images.
  4. Here I would also like to take a moment and refer any readers over to the blog of Jason D. Moore. Although he is also going through a move, his blog has maintained quite an impressive array of content and information, and even some photography shots. I don’t know how he does that – kudos to Jason, and a big “Hey, how are ya?” when he sees the pingback from here. (Jason was kind enough to include little ole CB on his blogroll…) Monday is his weekly P&P listing, which summarizes the activities of many of the most popular blogs on the internet. Be sure to stop over and see everything he has to offer. Last but not least, a reminder about the First Ever Photo Contest here at CB. Simply photograph the concept of “Freedom” in your own way, and share over at the CB Flickr group pool to be eligible for prizes, including a $25 B&H Photo gift card for the winner.
Happy shooting, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow (or possibly this afternoon for a photo montage!)
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