Missed Mondays

Egads, I am such a slacker – never posted yesterday. I was still feeling the effects of a rather tedious weekend spent on some home renovations and Super Bowl side effects. Suffice to say, I hit the sack at 8pm – a first for me in quite a while. However, I do have some tidbits to share – both Scott Kelby and David Hobby from Photoshop Insider and Strobist fame respectively give mention to Joe McNally’s recent book – The Moment it Clicks. I usually avoid promotional recommendations, but with the excerpts that I’ve read and the buzz about it, I may as well pull the trigger.

In other news, PMA is wrapped up and the blogs will surely light up with their recollections of the gear and trade show information they came away with from the event. Tomorrow I will endeavor to have a round-up of the web resources that cover the gamut. Today is tutorial Tuesday and I hope to have that up in time, but fair warning – it will be out fairly late tonight if I can make it.  Finally, thanks to the friendly folks at feedburner, I’ve added an email subscription link to the sidebar so you can add your email address to be notified every time I make a post.  The default code does not seem to like my custom stuff so things aren’t as pretty as I’d like, but if I waited on that kinda of minutia, I’d not even have a blog running yet!  Happy shooting all, and as always, watch those apertures! 😉

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