Lightroom 3 is here – Now What?

With all the hubbub of the release of Lightroom 3 and all the resources that cropped up online in mere minutes of the announcement, we often find ourselves asking more questions once the excitement and energy that surrounds a product release has drained.

I took these questions with me to a conversation with Senior Product Manager Tom Hogarty last week, and got a lot of insights and answers, with both a technical perspective and that of long-term development.  I give you this week’s podcast:

A Conversation with Tom Hogarty

Show Notes:

  1. News
    1. Flickr and Getty Licensing Expanded –
    2. Editing history or is it just a cigar? –
    3. Longmont Loves Google -
  2. Tom Hogarty
  3. Listener Q&A
    1. Optical Image versus Sensor Image Stabilization –
    2. What is Skunk Lighting?
    3. Pen Tablet Stopped Working – What to do?
      1. Swap ports
      2. Hardware/software changes
      3. OS Feature Changes

Enjoy the show and find out whether the next contest features some software from our favorite folks over at Adobe! 🙂  Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

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ETA:  If the video player doesn’t load (and it looks like the plugin broke in the upgrade to 3.o, so it won’t) – here’s a temporary download location for the show in m4a format with chapters and photos for the visual crowd.  Otherwise, the mp3 is still being fed through PLM until they update their feed (which should be soon).  Anyway, here it is:

Episode 47

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2 comments for “Lightroom 3 is here – Now What?

  1. Steve J
    June 28, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Hey!, your link is wrong for the longmont stunt.

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