Keeping Your Resolutions!

As with every new year, there is always talk about setting New Years Resolutions – and setting goals is always easy to do, but what about keeping those resolutions?  Sometimes it’s a challenging thing to do, because we either set goals that are vague or not very specific.  For example, “lose weight” is a common goal, as is “exercise more”.  From a photography perspective, we often will hear (or say) ones like “shoot more”, “get organized”, and other such platitudes. While the ideal is always good, the intangible goals are always the most difficult to reach simply because they are…well, intangible!

Do yourself a favor and not only set some concrete goals, but share them with colleagues, peers, and friends. If you write a blog, announce them! Make your readers hold you to your goals. Not only will you be more likely to achieve your goals, but your readers will also become more vested in your blog! It’s very empowering, and I would encourage everyone who writes a blog or has a web presence to do something like that.

Uh oh, I just  realized something – I kind of set myself up there didn’t I?  Okay, yeah, it was kind of intentional, but it came from the heart! 🙂  My biggest resolution for this year – finish projects!  I can’t tell you how many projects I have started to get distracted by other projects, ideas, or things, only to never make it back to the original project.

For example, I had set a project once of getting all my resume and personal information in an easy to access text file for copying and pasting into database driven websites like USAJobs.  So, it was off to getting various records for inclusion, including my military service.  That led me to the filing cabinet (insert Psycho music here)!  Before I knew it, I had spent 3 hours organizing the filing cabinet into tabbed folders of all things non-job related.  Gas receipts, electric bills, and all sorts of other things kept popping up at me saying “file me file me file me”!  It got so bad I even found myself at the local Staples getting tabbed divider label things for each category instead of getting the original project done!

In keeping with the idea of finishing projects, I would like to share the completion of project #1: The Sunrise Shoot at Rocky Mountain National Park! I mentioned it in December before the holidays and I had every intention of completing this sooner, but first the layoff, then Christmas, then New Years, and many other distractions pulled me away. No more! The trip is completed, the shots processed, and the videos montaged! I give you, ladies and gentlemen, the RMNP trip:


So, project #4982163 has been completed…I have all the rest to do!  What are your resolutions and projects for 2010?  Do they include getting a circle shot ready for the January Giveaway?  (Announced here yesterday…)  Here’s the link for the contest thread on Flickr in case you missed it!

Share your own thoughts and ideas, resolutions and projects in the comments and we’ll help keep you on track!  In the meantime, keep on shooting, have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday!  Happy Shooting!

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  1. January 8, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Resolutions are for failing – I need Declarations for success! Keep shooting and sharing everyone! GRT2
    .-= Greg Taylor´s last blog ..Be Back Tomorrow =-.

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