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It’s been a while since an episode of LDP ran, but as we keep on shootin’ our way through life, so to does LDP continue on albeit not as frequently as any of us would like!  Nevertheless, I get caught up somewhat on the photo news beat with some of the top stories over the past three weeks, have a great conversation with Tyler Stableford, a recent addition to the distinguished annals of the Canon Explorers of Light group.  He’s been featured in photo magazines including Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, and many more.  A recent series on the Colorado F-16 fighter pilots is what caught my eye about him and we recently had a chance to chew the fat…on this show!

It was a great conversation, and I’d like to thank Tyler for taking the time to sit down and chat with me – here’s the show notes for everything that was covered on the latest episode:


Conversation With Tyler Stableford:

Listener Questions

  • Digital Frame Resolution Problem
  • Older Cameras and Newer Batteries
  • Joint Copyright

That’s it for the show – lots to listen to, and Tyler was super cool to chat with.  Be sure to stop by his site or catch up with him on Facebook to share your thoughts on him and his work.  One thing that didn’t come up during the show was the May giveaway for a copy of PTGui Pano Software.  Be sure to check out the giveaway thread and get your own photos in before the end of the month here.


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