Just another manic Monday

You know I had to do it eventually…

Although, this week it could not be more true…I was on the first item of a “honey-do” list yesterday, upgrading the thermostat, and could not get things reconnected.  Since it was a Sunday at 7pm the odds of getting an HVAC tech out was just not an option.  As the temperature went up throughout the house, it had similar effects on my processing…I actually had to shut dwon after a thermal warning from the main PC.  So, today after work, I had an HVAC tech out to fix the A/C, and resumed my post processing.  With another 200 or so shots to go through for the shoots that I have CD’s due for tomorrow.  With the evening meal behind me and an early start tomorrow, I really am not going to have time for a regular post  today, so to catch up on the news, stop over to Jason Moore‘s site for the latest in the last week.

If the blog links are not your style, some excellent reading fodder can also be found over at The Online Photographer – there actually was an excellent article there over the weekend that talks about the increasing use of advertorials in magazines.  Very similar to the idea I talked about recently that the “fluff” in magazines is starting to out-weigh the content.

As always, enjoy the week, and don’t forget to trip that shutter occasionally – happy shooting, watch those apertures, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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