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So, for the feeders that are picking up the podcast from iTunes – I want to apologize.  Apparently there is something that is “not right” with the iTunes feed.  Apple has been very helpful with this (sense the sarcasm here).  Since I have been less inclined to push out posts and content that are just “filler”, you’ll notice that there have been several days this month that have not had blog posts.  Such is life, and as the attention of my life waxes and wanes in other areas, so too will the quantity of posts here at CB (I really don’t want to post content that does not have some measure of quality).

Having said that, I am pleased with both the quality and quantity of podcast material that I have put out to date.   I’ve received a number of excellent feedback comments from a number of listeners, and more email is coming in regularly where people have personal questions they would like addressed.  What I am not pleased with though is the “black magic” of getting your content published in iTunes – there is no reason why they should not have all the shows populating – the URL is correct, as is the directory, and the feed validates from both Feedburner and Google – why Apple decides to not pick up the feed is beyond me.

So, if you would like Apple to bring it back online, my suggestion is to tell them.  Do a search on iTunes for “CanonBlogger”, then click the link to “Report a Concern”.  From there you can specify problems with the download.  If enough people start reporting it, perhaps Apple will look at things on their end.  I will not hold my breath for them though, as we all know how much respect I give to big behemoths that expect customer loyalty but then do nothing to retain that loyal consumer base.  Apple, are you listening?  Without Jobs at the helm – you may not have much of your own “magic Pixie dust” left, so start listening to your customers.  Innovation is nothing without retention.

For the other bloggers/podcasters that are out there – if anyone is fluent or well-versed in the black magic of how itunes feeds work and would be interested in helping me get things fixed on this end, please let me know and I can get some kudos set up via linkbacks to whomever can get things working again.  (Here is where I decidedly will repay the helpful fanbase, as I do not have the time to correct this myself – I don’t even know what’s wrong!)

As PLM is working to re-launch the podcast with a new title and graphics, I have also let them know about the problem (they actually mentioned it to me when we first started talking about re-launching under their umbrella), but I have not heard back yet, so this offer stands to anyone willing to help an old codger out!  Thanks in advance, and hopefully someone will step up to the plate!  Until tomorrow then, keep on shooting!

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3 comments for “iTunes Tuesday

  1. January 21, 2009 at 7:33 am

    Fight the power!!

  2. Doug England
    January 25, 2009 at 6:20 am

    Sent email via report a concern link … good luck!

  3. January 25, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    Thanks for the contributing comment, thanks Doug – maybe Apple will start picking up the feed again in iTunes if enough people say something…(I doubt it, but you never know!) 🙂

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