It’s not Monday – it’s “Moo”nday!

I got called out on a computer task today, so got home late to a limping Labrador. My poor little pup (she’s 8 years now, but I got her at 8 weeks, so you know what I mean) was limping rather heavily and favoring one paw – she has such a forlorn look in her eyes I almost get the sense that she is crying (is it possible for dogs to cry?). Needless to say, my mind has been on some other things today. If she’s not doing better tomorrow, it’s off to the vet I go. I think she might have walked through some glass inadvertently when my wife took her for her afternoon walk while I was out.

Another fun day in the life, eh? Anyway, in light of the events of the day, I feel compelled to make a declaration that this a “Moo”nday, not a Monday (her name is Maggie, so we affectionately have called her many derivations of that, the most common of which is “Moo”). So, pardon the non-photo themed day, but I would like to share a few posts of her in kind of a tribute to the best friend I’ve ever had:

It looks like the tutorial might be pushed back a day or two. In the meantime, what does everyone think of the new Lightbox plugin I have in place for WordPress?  (Hint:  Click on an image in the post…)  Until next time:  happy shooting and watch those apertures!! 🙂

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