It’s All About ME!

Anyone know the Toby Keith song where he sings to his woman that most of the time it’s about her, but every once and a while he wants it to be about him?  Well, today that is the theme for the blog – ME.  Rest assured though, there is a relation to photography though…

First off, thanks to the 27 people who participated in the last poll on whether the economic downturn was shaping their photo purchases.  The results were pretty even:

The new poll is now up and on the side panel, so for the RSS readers, be sure to visit the blog to see the question and possible answers, as well as participate!  It’d be really cool if a poll broke the 50 count barrier this go around, so let’s ROCK THE VOTE!

In other “me” news, the photo contest over at TWIP (This Week In Photography) only has three days left, and every vote counts.  Again, the photo is listed in the side panel, but you can visit the Photrade site directly to vote by following this link here:

Since this last weekend was a particularly non-photo themed weekend, there’s not much else to share for now.  Tomorrow will be another day with a new podcast and other photo news and information, so be sure to stop back in then.  Happy Shooting, watch those apertures, and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

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