It’s all about family…

This past weekend I spent the entire time away from the computer, camera in hand.  On a trip to Dayton, OH for a family get-together where my Aunt and Uncle (in-law) were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!  On returning, I realized I had left the blog on a decidedly negative note.  So, in the interests of sharing some positive experiences, the trip was just a resounding reminder of what it’s really all about.  It’s not about the latest gear, it’s not about corporate greed, and it most certainly is not about “getting what you deserve…”

The ultimate “high” is enjoying quality time with family.  What a great weekend it was.  Re-kindling connections with people I’ve not seen in a long time reminded me that life is about spending your quality time where it most counts – with loved ones.  In doing so, I also had a realization about my thoughts on Apple as a company.  Need I judge them so harshly on the basis of one mis-step?  I certainly do not judge my family and loved ones so harshly, so Apple deserves another chance too.

I have since rescinded the canceled Macbook Pro order, and am working on getting the iPod fixed (I think I got it after a rather interesting combination of restoring/powercycles.  The only Windows equivalent I can think of would be flashing the BIOS.  It seems to be working now, albeit a little more slowly than I would have thought…but that could be the putting USB connection since the iPod is used to firewire!

In any case, technology tantrums aside, I hope all had an enjoyable holiday weekend with their family and loved ones, and another post tomorrow will hopefully have a few photos to share! 🙂

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