It's a process…

With the latest release of the Creative Suite from Adobe, I have added yet another item to my learning library.  For those of you that follow me personally, you also probably know that I have recently added two projects to my learning library,  databases and PHP.  Neither of these is very intuitive to me, so it’s taking a bit of patience to remind myself that we all have learning curves, and that learning is always a process fraught with frustration.

I take it for granted some times that certain technologies just “make sense” to me, and wonder why others can’t get it…the answer is because it is new to them.  Even in the field of photography, I often find myself in unfamiliar waters, and it can be a bit daunting.  So, when you feel you are at your wits end in learning some new procedure or technique for capturing and developing your images, remember, everyone is has some cross to bear with technology.  Zack Arias did a humorous bit recently on his blog that illustrates this to certain degree (especially the last bit where he is reading a magazine and…well, I can’t do it justice, so just watch it here!)

Another one that this reminded me of was the conversion to digital TV that just happened last year.  For many of us, it seemed “about time”, but for others, it was likely frustrating.  I must admit, that right now, db admin stuff feels much like this to me:


This was sent to me via email, and I can’t find a reference for it online.  The creator is Spike Feresten and the show is called “Talkshow” .  If anyone can share a reference that he has somewhere online, email me or share it in the comments.  Regardless, it very much typifies my frustration with SQL right now…

So, where are you in your learning process? 🙂

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