I Am a Teapot!

Nothing too fancy, just a short post today to share a particular “vision” I had.  Hopefully it helps to illustrate that even the mundane can be interesting if you think outside the box!


For the inquisitive, this was shot with off-camera flash, using Radiopoppers.  The EXIF data:

Shutter Speed = 1/250th
Aperture = f/18
Focal Length = 70mm
ISO = 100
Flash = 580 EX II

Since EXIF data doesn’t record flash settings, I want to say that this was at 1/4 power, bare bulb (no diffuser, umbrella, bounce or anything like that).  The hint of yellow reflection off the background of the stove is likely due to bounce off the yellow color of the teapot itself onto the black metal on the stove.  It was an unintentional but cool side effect, so I left it in!

As the old saying goes: “Keep on shooting!”

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2 comments for “I Am a Teapot!

  1. February 22, 2011 at 8:29 am

    Again, you’re hitting on some good topics/subjects. Have you done a post on what you think about those Radiopoppers? I’m interested in getting a pair. Thoughts? (Another nice shot! When are we going shooting again? Did you see my TFB donation?)

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