How Low Can You Go?

In episode #34 of Learning Digital Photography, we  look at the subject of low light photography.  In these shooting circumstances, you often need to drop your shutter speed pretty low, while shooting with apertures that are relatively open, and high ISO’s in order to get the scene with enough light.  Whether you are shooting night photography, concert photography, or foggy weather, these are all things to look at and think about.

To help shed some light on the subject (get it? 🙂 ), we talked to Becky Thomas (aka BecThomasPhoto on Twitter) on the show.  A great conversation, and lots was covered so be sure you give it a listen.  Thanks to Bec for her time – it was a lot of fun.  Make sure you stop over to her site as well for a great dose of inspiration.

Photo News

  • Panasonic Sound System NW-10
  • Facebook Automated Photo Tagging (Face Detection)
  • Price Cuts on Photo Storage from Google ($4096 for 16 TB)

Photo Technical Tips

  • Pros and cons of increasing ISO
  • Pros and cons of opening your aperture
  • Pros and cons of slowing the shutter

Listener Questions and Answers

  • Camera Prices/Lines – What camera should you get?
  • Difference between a Lightroom catalog versus photo backups
  • Which stock agency to use?


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