Hot off the Presses: Canon 5D Mark II announced late yesterday!!!

Stop the presses! No What’s This today! CANON ANNOUNCES THE 5D MARK II!!! Here’s the first pics Canon released. The specs are pretty impressive and pricing is already amazingly low!  I saw this over on TWIP, and verified it on Canon’s site.  Here’s everything about it, specs, pricing, and photos!  I didn’t want to jump on the 5d Mark II rumor bandwagon, but with this being public, I must say…”Holy Crap!”  There’s also links at the end of this post to some video samples with audio in 3 of them from the camera.  They look and sound pretty darn good to me!  The last video was taken at night and shows some great noise handling…

5D Mark II Angled View

5D Mark II Front View

5D Mark II Back View

Here’s the nuts and bolts of all the specs:

  • HD Video @ 1920×1080 and 30 fps
  • SD Video @ 640×480 and 30 fps
  • video capture up to 4 GB or 29min, 59 sec
  • Video recorded in .MOV format
  • Input terminal for microphones
  • HDMI output
  • 3 Live View Modes
  • Peripheral Illumination Correction
  • Two Small raw formats
  • Silent shooting in Live View
  • Integrated Cleaning System
  • 21.1 MP
  • ISO from 50-25,600 (not a typo!)
  • 3.9 fps
  • UDMA card compliant
  • 15 point auto-focus
  • 3″ LCD (920,000 dot resolution VGA)
  • 150,000 shutter count cycle
  • Price: $2699!!!!!

I guess the only thing that surprises me is the frames per second for still captures.  Yeah okay, it’s capturing 21.1 megapixels and at a full frame, but it is also able to capture 30 fps in HD video!  Why is the still frame rate so slow comparatively speaking (at 3.9 fps)?

That being said, the video features are astonishing, as is the low price point!  I would expect the older Canon 5D’s to drop into the $1000 range shortly…start checking the auction sites!  For the full story that gives all the hype and glamour of Canon news announcements, check out the press release here with all the above shots also in high resolution:

Canon Announces 5D Mark II

Anyone else want to salivate over it with me?  What are your thoughts on this new release?  Will this answer the gauntlet of the D3 that Nikon threw down a short while ago?  I would tentatively say yes – but only time will tell!

Video clips:

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4 comments for “Hot off the Presses: Canon 5D Mark II announced late yesterday!!!

  1. September 17, 2008 at 8:45 am

    This looks to be an AWESOME camera. I’m glad to see Canon starting to introduce some of these great features (video, better ISO performance, etc.).

  2. Mrten
    September 17, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    > Why is the still frame rate so slow comparatively speaking (at 3.9 fps)?

    Because there is a mirror slapping up-and-down at 3.9 Hz?

  3. September 18, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    It does appear to be turning a lot of heads. Gear heads are excited about the video, while photo “purists” are wondering why they included the video, rather than make a faster frame rate. Who knows how it will all play out, but Canon has definitely made things interesting. Don’t forget, they also put out some new lenses, announced the G10 (G9 replacement), and are clearly trying to re-establish their dominance. Will it hold up in this ever-increasingly competitive marketplace? Only time will tell. Thanks for the feedback and thoughts all!

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