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It’s been a while since I’ve done a hardware review, and I realized that when the folks at Expo Imaging had sent me the Rayflash to review, I had also received an Expodisc.  I know I recorded the video for it, but for some reason it never got published, as the two were meant to be posted back to back.

In any case, here is the long-awaited review of the Epodisc from the folks at Expo Imaging:

Expo Disc

First – what is the Expodisc?  It’s simply a disc that defracts light as it passes through your lens in order to determine the proper white balance setting for your images.  Why is this a good thing?  It’s a good thing because light doesn’t always fall into the specific categories designed by your vendor.  It’s not always daylight, tungsten, florescent, etc.  These vendor pre-sets can get you close, but if you want spot on white balance settings in camera, this is definitely the way to go!  Here’s the short video I had put together a while back on how it works:

[podcast format=”video”]http://www.canonblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/vids/expodisc/expodisc/expodisc.mp4[/podcast]

Do I like the Expo Disc?  Absolutely – and if I were in an environment where lighting conditions change often, or it was tricky to determine (say those lights in gyms with the green phosphorous), these utilities are a godsend.  Landscape environments can also be tricky when you are dealing with things like snow, shade and sunny areas at the same time, and portraiture can be tricky too – say you have a bride’s wedding dress, the whites of the eyes, and the teeth for sample areas – which do you set?  Use the ExpoDisc and it will be spot on every time!

Thanks again to the folks at Expo Imaging for lending me the review units of the Ray Flash and the Expo Disc. It was a pleasure, and for those interested in learning more about their products, please visit their website here.

Happy shooting everyone – be sure you get your shots in, because there’s limited time left in the Circles contest for a lucky participant. Here’s the Flickr thread – keep on posting and keep on shooting!  We’ll see you back here again tomorrow!


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3 comments for “Hardware Review: Expodisc

  1. Bryan
    January 19, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    another good consise review and i’ve learned something again. i’ve just been reading up on this and have found a few forums talking about using coffee filters and or a Pringles lid to do pretty much the same thing, have you or anybody here tried these “low Tech” methods?

    Thanks all.


    • Bryan
      January 19, 2010 at 6:38 pm

      dam! no edit button, i really must check my spelling before hitting submit!!!

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