Great Scott, Mat, and Contests, Oh My!

Heh, cheesy headline, but they all seam together on this week’s episode of Learning Digital Photography!  Yup, the podcast is done, and for those that didn’t catch my Twitter tease, this week I had the distinct pleasure of talking with none other than Scott Bourne on the show!  If you don’t know who Scott Bourne is, then you’re living in a cave.

Scott is a regular contributor to Mac Break Weekly, This Week in Photography, and owner/operator of PhotoFocus.  You can find him there, via his Bourne Media Group online presence and a bazillion other places like Photoshop World, Aperture Nature Photography Workshops, Bosque Del Apache, and much much more.  I could link to it all but that would take an entire post of it’s own, so will point you to his main presence at Photofocus and Twitter:

We had a great talk on this week’s show, covering his photo background from Motocross to Wedding work, and of course his Avian work as well.  We took a look at a little of the gear side, got some nuggets on branding and the business side, and even had a chance for a couple twitter questions.  Great stuff and all packed into a mere 30 minute interview!  Thanks again to Scott for taking the time to talk to me on the podcast!

Other content from the show includes a discussion on some of the things to consider on matting and framing (hence mats in the title), and an in-depth look at the finalists from the last LDP contest.  There’s also nuggets and links for other contests out on the web as well as what to look for in future LDP contests, so some teaser stuff there too.  All in all, a great (but long) show so grab it from your preferred source point, whether with the folks at PLM, or in iTunes!

Here’s the links, as promised from the show!

Mats and Framing

  1. American Frame
  2. Redimat
  3. Guide to Preservation Matting


  1. OnOne Top Ten Finalists
  2. Wacom Giveaway
  3. Bogen Imaging Macro Giveaway
  4. Music/Band Photography Contest

Gear: Ring Flash

  1. Canon Ring Flash
  2. RayFlash
  3. Metz Ring Flash

Technique: Causes of Blur

  1. Camera shake
  2. Subject Shake
  3. Sharpness/Depth of Field

So, there’s the link love for the show – it was a lof of fun this week, but the weekend is almost upon us.  This Saturday it’s another photoshoot with the Meetup Group and then some night photography as I prep for the next article of PhotographyBB Magazine! Make sure you get out and do some shooting too.  Have a good weekend everyone and we’ll see you back here on Monday!  Happy shooting!

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