Great Green Gobs of Grapes!

This week has been a particularly creatively filled one here on the blog:

  • Monday I shared the HDR image workup from last weekend and published the weekly podcast
  • Tuesday had another shot showcasing the benefits of looking all around for ideas (including behind you!)
  • Wednesday was the more detailed explanation of the Lensbaby Composer and selective focus

And now today, another source of inspiration from the kitchen!  I was cleaning some grapes for lunches and was struck not only by their size (these things were huge!), but also by the cool way the light in the kitchen was bouncing off each grape in the colander.  It helped that the colander is stainless steel and reflected some nice green tones back onto the grapes themselves, making them look even greener.  On instinct, I took a few, and here’s the best of it (and although it was taken with a 70mm Macro, this was not taken from macro range – that should tell you the size of these guys):

Grapes Galore!

Not too shabby for a “spur of the moment” capture.  Nothing like what you’ll see over at Mike Palmer’s blog (he does a lot of cool shallow dof work with food photography, and is a friend-of-the-blog), but a step in the direction of creativity anyway!  Catch an cool colors in your kitchen lately?  Share your thoughts, perspectives, links to other images, ideas and feedback in the comments section!  Keep on shootin’ and we’ll see you back here for the Friday post!

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2 comments for “Great Green Gobs of Grapes!

  1. February 26, 2009 at 6:38 am

    They look good enough to eat Jason. Nice capture. I take a lot of random shots in my kitchen. We’ve got quite low ‘under shelf’ spot lights and lots of wood. With the ISO cranked up you can get some really nice shots uner those lights. Carrots are a favourite as the contrast in colour is excellent., especially if they still have their green tops!

  2. February 26, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    Little green orbs of goodness – great grab Jasom – Thanks for the mention

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