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Since the next hardware review item as not arrived yet, today’s post is something of a blog announcement about a new feature I’ll be rolling out here shortly.  As you can tell from the title, it’s about applications on the iTunes store.  For users of the iPhone and iTouch, applications can be pretty handy tools (and diversionary too if you’re not careful!)

Well, as you may recall, a while back during the “Comment Contest” I asked people to contribute their favorite iPhone/iPod photography-related applications.  While the iTouch has not been fully capable of testing each of these, I’ve tried most of them and am putting together a new set of posts (don’t ask me where it’s going to go, because I am starting to run out of days in the week!) to cover the latest in Photography applications for those on the go.  So, for today, I am going to do the first application review: Mobile Application Mobile Application

In doing so, I figured it would be best to start at home – and by that I don’t mean here at the blog (although it would be kinda cool to develop an application where you could submit photos to the Canon Blogger critique threads and contest threads straight from your iPhone!).  No, I mean starting with the source – the editor we all know and either love or hate – Photoshop!  Believe it or not, the folks at Adobe have come out with a cool little application that you can connect to via your iPod or iTouch through a web interface at

Here’s what it does – it allows you to store your photos online, edit, and share them with family and friends, create photo albums, and galleries.   Now before someone chimes in and says “Flickr already does that”, I will concur that Flickr is probably not going to be de-throned in the online photo sharing space any time soon.  But here’s a couple cool things that you get on’s site that you don’t get on Flickr.

  • You can customize your background
  • You get more storage (2GB free)
  • More scalable service (it’s not just free and pro, there are different scales of services for whatever needs you may have)
  • You can link to your Flickr account (but not vice versa)

So, it’s kind of a cool little service.  What I like about it is that the interface is much more conducive to sharing photos on the go.  For those of us with limited storage on our mobiles, it’s nice to be able to just log in to a web interface and share 2 GB worth of photos and have it look both classy and professional (sorry Flickr, but your interface needs an update…).

It’s free to join (you do need an Adobe Account though – also free), and can register a personal web space as well.  I’ve already done so, and you are welcome to view my account thus far at as I explore this some more to see what else is there to do.  You can create your own account at the main page of, and upload/share photos and videos in as little as five minutes too.  Some other applications I am taking a look at include HDR for Free, iHandy Level, and of course, the uploader applications for things like Flickr and Twitpic.  Some games have made their way into my iTouch (don’t know how that happened! 🙂 ), I’ll try to keep those out of the blog and keep things photo-centered.

If this topic takes traction, and people express enough interest in it, then be sure to stay tuned for future reviews and write-ups on iPhone and iTouch applications.  In the meantime – if you’ve got an application that you think is the bee’s knees, then feel free to share it here.  Suggestions for applications?  Share those too – I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts.  As Apple is prone to say, I am prone to ask – “Got an App for that?”  Ask here and I will do what I can to find out and review for you!  Happy shooting all, and don’t forget to upload your photos for the October contest over on Flickr. The theme is FALL and it’s sure to be a good one – 3 pics a piece, and it’s underway right now.  Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

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3 comments for “Got an App for That?

  1. October 12, 2009 at 6:41 am

    I’m really interested in these, keep ’em coming!

    One question: do you know when this app wil be available anywehere other than the US?

  2. October 14, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    Thanks for the heads up. I have a flickr account for family sharing, but this my be a good place for more of a portfolio.

    All my cool Itouch apps are games… sorry. lol


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