Geographic Composition

Jason Moore has a weekly feature on his blog, titled Geographic Composition. I was invited to join in that weekly activity, and am honored to do so. This week, my first in participating, the theme is “Yellow.” Stop over to Jason’s blog to see the entire grouping of shots…

Triumph Motorcycle

In other news, the TOP test will be officially moving to within the domain for Canon Blogger this evening. With the migration comes a new portal so you can take tests of different difficulties. The Basic Photography test is the one that has been out and in place for about a month now. The next test, nearing completion, is the Intermediate Test. Questions are more difficult, and should challenge you in new ways, including evaluating actual pictures! I am still working on some questions for it, so it’s not completely finished, but I will likely have at least a partial version available for beta testing, so more on that tomorrow once the migration is done (including a link to the new URL).

Finally, the photo shoot from last week has been assembled into a gallery of images and published on my photography site. Stop over there to take a look at the featured pictures. It was a lot of fun and the kids were really great to work with!

Not much other news, so until tomorrow, happy shooting and watch those apertures! 🙂

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