Friday Round-Up

A bunch of news for today – as most of you know, our inaugural workshop was this last weekend in Anaheim, and boy was it rockin’!  Great participation, great input, and super feedback from everyone.  On the anonymous feedback forms, every ranking was either a 9 or a ten (and there were more of the latter than the former)!  Such a rush to see so much appreciation, and Denver is sure to draw an even bigger crowd.  There’s only a few early bird seats left (3 I think), so if you haven’t registered yet – better sign up while the getting is good!

Lightroom Dudes

  • Saturday Aug 28th – Denver, CO
  • Workshop will be held at:
  • Arvada Center for Arts & Humanities
  • 6901 Wadsworth Blvd Arvada, CO 80003

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Flickr August Giveaway

On the free front – the August contest is underway on Flickr and the prize this month is a 50 sheet pack of Polar Metallic Paper from the folks at Red River Paper.  You all likely know how much I love this paper and this company – here’s your chance to find out why with your own pack of paper to push out some super prints for clients, family, friends, or even your own walls!  Submit your own image to the Flickr thread (the theme is Metal).


49 Photo Tips - The Sequel

Last but not least, the eBook has been flying off the virtual shelf, and the response there has been overwhelming too.  Read the reviews, and get your own copy from the eBooks page here!  It’s still a super deal at only $4.99 for the digital download – it includes 49 Photo Tips, explained in detail and with accompanying images to demonstrate the effect when appropriate!  Add this one to your virtual library today!  (An iPad version is due out shortly – working on the ISBN now…)


That’s it for Friday!  Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you here on Monday with the Super Exciting News that I can’t share yet!  Are you ready for some excitement though?  Stop back in to find out!

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