Friday Free-for-all

So, last night after the sappiness ended, I came back to the trusty glow of my monitor and started knocking out a few more photos for my display book (more on that later). During a break, I stopped into the NAPP forums (highly recommend a membership with NAPP btw, at only $99 it’s a steal!) and was reading through some of the stuff, just to try and catch up a little more on my own knowledge base. Boy what a humbling experience that was! I did come away with some great web gems though, so every Wednesday for about the next milenium, I’ll dole out a few of them each week to the dirty dozen or so that read CB regularly! 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a couple to start things off – think of them as “Friday Freebies”:

The Graphic Reporter : Not only does her voice sound better than mine, she’s got an amazingly look and feel to her site.

Photoshop Cafe: A little heavy on the ads for me, but a great source of info, articles, and gateway to lots of things to do with photography.

DXO Labs: I recently installed the Film Pack demo after hearing about it on DPS, and have been playing with it for a few days now. This is a very cool plugin, and the coolest part about it is that you can launch the Film Pack w/out photoshop! Make your adjustments quick and easy and on the fly – very intuitive. Here’s a capture of an image you may recognize that I posted earlier this week with some tweaks done to it:


The types of effects you can run are quiet myriad, and well worth it. Stop over at DXO and check it out!

Finally, in the most recent issue of Photoshop User Magazine, I saw an add for a PS plugin called SiteGrinder2, from a company called MediaLab. I’ve not heard of them before, but I must admit, the ad makes me want to buy it. It does seem like a costly one though at almost$200 for the thing, but worth the trial which I downloaded last night and will try over the weekend.

And, as many photo-blogger types do, I’ll leave you with a laugh from What The Duck:


Have a good weekend! Happy shooting, and watch d’em apertures! 🙂

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