Friday Follies for February

Okay, my Friday follies are a little later than normal (I usually either post super early or before diner). Anyway, without further ado, here’s some fun diversions for Friday:

Stop over at and enjoy some amazing photography from Rarindra Prakarsa. I found him through Scott Kelby’s blog.

Another fun site to enjoy some photography fine art would be a recent discovery I found: Red Bubble. (I even created a profile there to see how things work)

Need a tripod in a pinch? Try Photojojo’s suggestion of using a screw, a string and a weighted washer. It’s not really as stable, but makes for a neat and compact way to add a little stabilization while on the go. Check them out for a fun diversion: Photojojo

This also came up in conversation over on the new blog of Michael Johnston (of T.O.P fame),

Last, but not least, a little humor from What the Duck:


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