Friday Flights of Fancy

I was out on a shoot Wednesday and in setting up, I realized I forgot my White Balance card. I always used my WhiBal card to get accurate settings – it’s the cornerstone of my entire workflow! I was sweating bullets…what would I do?

Well, I’d read about white balancing en masse off the eyes, so thought it might work out. But, with the sunny afternoon, pupils were dilated, and kids were squinting, so…I went with the next best thing – their teeth! Turned out to work okay, and I’ve got about 20 shots to share with the mother at work on Monday. In light of my “success” at setting white balance off a subject’s teeth, I thought I’d share that tip with the readership this Friday – take flight in charting new waters – shoot without a white balance card and just use what nature gives you.

Since I’ve not gotten the model releases signed by the mother yet, I can’t make a gallery of images, but I expect to have those on Monday, so stop back in to see the full gallery by then.  For some reason I can’t get to WTD so will add my “Friday Funny” later.  Alternatively, you can just stop over to to enjoy the humor – I hit it every Friday and read the entire week.

Finally, I’d like to close this week out with a challenge – show me your shots!  Let’s see everyone get out there and take pictures.  Email me pictures taken from the theme for the week (or email me a link and I can download that way), and I’ll put a montage together here on the blog.  With me being a Canon shooter, I figured it would be fun to start with a related theme – RED.  So, show me shots with something red – anything you want, and I’ll put a gallery together of all of them and offer some thoughts and feedback on all contributions in a post the following week.  So, the dates that I’ll take shots starts today, and will end next Thursday at midnight.  Please re-size your shots to 800px on the longest dimension before sending.

Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to get out and shoot this weekend – remember the theme is RED!  Happy shooting and watch those apertures! 🙂

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