Freezing the frame (for Friday)

Read a neat little blurb in Popular Photography, May issue that I cut out and added to the “clip binder” recently…Four good rules of thumb for fast shutter speeds and what they translate to. So, regurgitated for you here today, are…

Four Frame Freezing Follies

  1. 1/1000th of a second will freeze action moving either up and down or across the frame.
  2. 1/500th of a second is good for aerials (coming in over a scene, like in a plane or along those lines)
  3. 1/250th of a second is good for freezing action coming straight at you (toward the camera – unless of course it’s my dog who comes toward you then lurches to the side for no apparent reason)
  4. 4 seconds takes objects in motion and turns them into streaks of light (think car headlights here – night photography will never be the same)

In other news, I also saw over on Jeff Revell’s blog today ( a great post on how to be a frugal lens shopper. Stop over there to read all about saving money. We bloggers love to get feedback too, so if you like it, make a post to let him know!

The camera poll has officially ended, and the results are in. Looks like many of us have at least a few cameras in our bags…fun stuff. Where did you fit into the picture? Thanks to the 66 that did join in for these last two months!

Check out the new poll listed today too…on audio podcasts! I am thinking of adding yet another multimedia feature (audio podcasts) to round things out (presently I’ve posted videos, documents, and pictures, so audio is all that’s left! Don’t forget to vote before you leave.

And, so no one feels left out from friday funnies, another week’s favorite episode from What the Duck:

What The Duck

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