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Being in Colorado, I am always one of the first to read the latest blogs for the day because East Coasters usually set their publish time to somewhere between midnight and 2am, which means between 10pm and midnight my time, I can catch up on all the news that is going to hit in the morning.  (California folks got me beat by an hour…)

So, when Scott Kelby’s blog went live a while ago, he was encouraging people to join the Kelby Training website with a video teaser compiled by his chief video guru, Jason Scrivner.  It’s a pretty funny video teaser, but did pique my interest enough to stop over and see how much time was involved in the new video.

The new video series is of David Ziser, a long-time wedding photographer, taking you through an entire wedding shoot from start to finish.  So, that would lead one to believe that it is a long video series.  It really isn’t though…only about 90 minutes total of video…and yet the content and tips/tricks/ideas that David gives are really unbelievable.  I found myself making mental notes of everything from camera position to lighting position to poses for various portraits, and much much more.

I normally don’t go ga-ga over anything because there’s always room for improvement in pretty much anything.  Training videos are especially low on my list of things to go ga-ga over, but I must give credit where credit is due.  This “training video” is probably one of the best I have ever seen!  First and foremost, the footage keeps you engaged (I found myself dancing with the guests at the wedding, laughing with David as he got people to smile while shouting “happy happy”). I was having fun!  At the same time, David’s delivery was bar none the most engaging I’ve ever seen in a video tutorial on photography.  The reason why I put this in a “training video” category (with quotes) is because I really did not feel like I was getting trained on anything – it’s like I was a fly on the wall, and David was talking to the fly!

So, the free advertising for today is not to become a NAPP member, because the goal here isn’t Photoshop training or networking.  Nope, it’s to head on over to kelby Training and sign up.  At least do a month – watch as much as you can in that month, because there’s lots of good stuff.  But if you must pick one – it’s this new one from David Ziser on wedding photography.  Kudos to the Kelby crew for their coverage of this – it really was phenomenal!

Go sign up today – this one alone is worth the cost of entry! (It also bears mentioning that I am not getting anything in return for this – not even an affiliate click – so go sign up for Kelby Training today…)

Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

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  1. June 17, 2010 at 7:30 am

    I watched this session as soon as it came out. It is just as you said, informative but not dull or dry. You really can learn so much from it. One thing that really stuck with me is how he interacts with the subjects, from posing to reacting. It is definitely worth the watch.

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