For the Birds

One of my annual clean-up sprees happened over the weekend and ran a little long into the week…this was not a task for the light of heart because it requires seriously chimping your own work – and even admitting that some you’ve kept just aren’t worth keeping anymore because you’ve never touched them ever since capture.  I cleaned quite a bit, and although tedious, the task really is for the birds because you should be doing this all the time, not just annually.  Sometimes a diamond in the rough can squeak through though…and here’s two that might be a exception…what do you think?

For the Birds

For the Birds 2

I wish the birds eyes were more viewable, and the ISO was pretty high so took some serious slider dragging in LR to make presentable here.  Not sure the second is close enough to be worth it, but then again there is something to be said for negative space!  Consider it a photo critique day – so do thy worst fair readers, critique the author! 🙂

Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again soon!

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