Five Friday Freebies

It’s fun to share resources that can really help you save time and money in pursuing your photography goals, and because there’s not a lot of really high quality resources out there, posts like these are few and far between.  However, I do have a few resources that may prove useful to wrap up the week:

  1. Online Price Calculator – So many people ask “How much should I charge for…”  Well, here is a good starting point.  For something more serious look FotoQuote
  2. Free Stock Photos – So many stock photo sites out there, yet none seem to offer up imagery completely for free.  You do have to register, but well worth the 10 seconds…
  3. Free CS Tutorials – Yeah, I know, there’s tons of sites out there that do this stuff, but Erik stands above the crowd in his technique and approach.  Well worth the time to peruse his library of Adobe tips and tricks
  4. B&H Photo has a handy resource that shows compatibility for some TC’s.  The one linked is for the Canon 2x TC
  5. The Online Photography Test – hosted by yours truly, and with the Beginner and Intermediate tests completed, is an great resource for evaluating and improving your knowledge base across many areas of photography

And, to close out the week, be sure to stop over at What The Duck!  My favorite one this week:

Happy shooting, have a good weekend, and we’ll catch you back here on Monday!

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