Five Fabulous Photo Fixes! (for Friday)

Woo Hoo! Friday is finally here – time to go out photoggin’ again! Tonight I head up with the better half to Columbia to celebrate an in-law birthday. Then, Saturday, back to Charleston for a photo shoot with some fellow photogs from Flickr (hey, that’s some cool alliteration, and it was unintentional there! 🙂 ). Then Saturday evening I am meeting up with some good friends from my days at the College of Charleston. We’ll probably turn a few up that night!

Then, Sunday a current co-worker will be stopping by the house to help me assess some options for further upgrading the house. The screening in of the patio did not go quite as planned, as the contractor got the heave-ho from me a few days ago so now it’s up to me (and Dean) to finish what he didn’t, and fix what he screwed up.

In other news, I’d like to take a brief moment and thank Zack for chiming in on yesterday’s post with his thoughts on flying. Very informative, and after sharing a few emails, (and shots), I’ve got to say he’s got the knack for photography! Great portraiture on his site, and lots of fun to peruse. Here’s the link, so feel free to stop in on Zack’s photos and share your comments with him. Best of luck with the photography Zack – here’s hoping it goes well! 🙂

Oh well , so much for weekend fun, eh? Well, the good news is I’ve been doing a little reading and thinking, and you know what that means – a new Fabulous Five for Friday!

Specifically, I’ve put together five pretty common ways and suggestions from a wide breadth of reading materials that the pros seem to agree on to improve your pictures. I’ve given it a little twirl of my style and perspective, but the nuts and bolts should be pretty much in line with what I’ve come to understand are the fundamentals of photography. So…with no further ado – here’s the Top Five for Friday:

Five Fabulous Photo Fixes

  1. Choose interesting subjects
  2. Be aware of lighting and its impact
  3. Watch out for distractions
  4. Be aware of your gear choices
  5. Watch for colorful contrasts

Details in the download…

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