Finally Friday…!

Well, it was quite a long work week, but unfortunately, I cannot vent here as I have signed an NDA, so it will suffice to say TGIF!!!  Some long hours this week, especially in the latter half, so the video tutorial I wanted to work on anad post today will not be up like I intended.  In my last tutorial, I mentioned a new page of content that is coming to Canon Blogger.  That is still in progress, but since I have not gotten all the links in place yet, I shall keep the URL mum for the time being as well.   I was supposed to go out shooting with some Flickr friends today, and got my head so turned around, thought the shoot was for tomorrow.  My apologies to that group for no-showing…it would have been fun to meet y’all!

Hopefully next time though…but since I did clear my schedule for shooting tomorrow…I’ll be out and about then to make up for it.  Will post pics here if anything good turns up.  Until next post then…happy shooting all!

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